Great Customer Service

The Secret Behind The Spot Customer Service

I am asked, nearly every day, what is your secret to great customer service! I have to tell you, there is no secret! My team is truly passionate about our customers and serving them.

However, I do believe that it starts from the beginning. My interviewing process is as atypical as they come. I invite the person to coffee, and we just talk. We talk a little about the position that I have available, but we talk about so much more! I ask about their interests, hobbies, passions, friends, favorite foods, drinks, etc, because I want to know who they are what they enjoy! Once the become a part of our team, I encourage each of them to bring their families by, so that I can meet them and get to know them as well. This isn’t just something I do, it’s just who I am. I love making those connections with those surrounding me!

This, however, is also how I get them to have passion for our customers. Just like I did in the beginning with them, I encourage them to model this same behavior, by building relationships with our customers. I express that we have this awesome opportunity to not only serve our customers, but to connect with them as well. We get to know them and what makes them so unique. We not only get to know what they order, but we also get to know when their kids are playing in championship games, grandkids are staying for the weekend, job promotions, new engagements, and so much more! We get to experience life with our customers, and that is something, at The Spot, that we’re super grateful for!

This is what makes our team passionate about delivering Great Customer Service!

Sara Skolaski